Being perfect is not relative — it is inherent in each of us. Perfection is what can be real, exist and coexist, that’s why we talk about inclusion. Therefore we are giving a new meaning for to imperfection. It’s valuing the parts by thinking of the whole, it’s expanding the vision we have about being together and making it possible for the world to be increasingly thought of as a universe — with its multiple beings. That’s why this manifesto makes us examine ourselves — because it’s everyone’s responsibility and because it starts inside of us. We need to say that it names what we already live, but need to know more intimately.

We are talking about the first steps — and it requires that we can feel able and ready to change. This way, we bring a new name and start a new journey. And maybe we not just learn something but recognize yourself in this challenge.

#SBChallenge is now #I’mperfectionChallenge


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